La Vie en Rose

Its hot but a cool swim and the first drink of the evening balance the world. The villa crowd are chatting. Usual charming rubbish. Suddenly the two delightful children from next door run into the courtyard. Their mother has had the baby. Its a girl. Bravo! The wait is over, the champagne is uncorked. But the toast is not quite what of the she’s a jolly good fellow kind.

For the children’s father is in gaol. For murdering the mother of an ex girlfriend. Though many believe him innocent, he has gone down for thirty years. His appeal is due. He is not exactly the brain of the village.Meanwhile the children,4 and 6, have learnt to swim but are still not brave enough to go out of their depths. Who can blame them,look what happened when Daddy went out on his own. I thought this was aweek in Provence,it turns out its an episode of The Killing.

.With partner number one out of the way ,the lady has taken up with a sports psychiatrist. This magician of the mind has been seeing a lot of the lady. But he has told his babe, however much he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life on a bicycle made for two,the children of the jail bird  do not figure in his plans.

This lady is no tramp. She tells her squeeze,no kids ,no me and you dont get to see our baby. This shapes up the magician who seems to relent. But no one is  betting on a happy ever after end to this story. Meanwhile the champagne is drunk and the kids in question play in the pool.

With that sorted out the villa crowd can get back to discussing their all time top ten films. Casablanca features as does Battle of Algiers. We should have at least found an Edith Piaf disc and played Je ne regrette rien. And had a damn good cry.

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