Knock Knock Who’s There

We journey back in time. A small village in North Korea. A  Sunday school teacher is clearing away the books and pencils. The only phone in the village rings, Brr Brr

Hello,Sun Moon here,who is that?


Jesus who?

Jesus Christ,who died for sinners.

Dont blaspheme,I take these things seriously. What are you trying to sell. I am quite happy with my bank and telephone provider.

The only thing I am trying to sell is eternal salvation and I am looking for someone to carry on  my work

Ohhh that Jesus,as it happens with my day job,my family, my Sunday school work  I’m pretty busy. Whats involved?

A lot of law suits, going to prison for tax evasion, love bombing  emotional retards,becoming very rich, having fourteen children, marrying off thousands of strangers,having as many wives as you want. And generally pissing off Daily Mail readers. As I found out  doing my Dad’s work on earth,it isnt all miracles and weddings ,there is pain. But no pain no gain.Its the best package I can come up with.Of course life ever lasting is guaranteed.

Mmm. How rich is rich. Ohh. That rich. Really? no guilt over the wives, It gets better. OK I’ll do it on a trial basis.

And so the Moony Church was born.

As it happens many years ago I was researching a book (Engineers and Engineering,Batsford) in the Imperial College library. I used to eat alone in the cafeteria. After a while two earnest  young men and a woman came up to me and asked. Do you know Jesus? Not personally, I quipped. It was the wrong answer. The right one being I’m alone and confused,thank you for finding me,take me with you. I goofed and now when the great reaper calls, I will be denied the company of the celestial Moonies in the here and after.

Meanwhile at the weekend Sun Moon  rewrote the definition of immortal. He died.

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