Stand By Your Man.

It is the Conservative party Conference. Samantha Cameron gets up. Her   cool handsome  look,her great dress sense command attention. The party faithful gaze up in awe. She is after all minor aristocracy in her own right. She goes through the gears. The crowd are getting more and more excited.

She moves onto the climax. I speak as a woman. Pause. I speak as a wife. Longer pause. I speak as someone who  not only loves their country but was born and bred here. Even longer pause. A rumble of applause starts. I speak as someone who doesnt care about the human rights of criminals but of  the rights of family. Cheers, crowd going mad. I can tell  you one thing. My husband will not fail,the job is only half done,he is going onto to greatness and we are going with him.

Hole in one,home run,the decisive goal in extra time. She has done it.

Actually if she made such a speech she would be certified. Long before she had finished men in white coats would be up on the platform strapping her in and taking her away.The Tories would be finished for a  generation. Of course, she has made some not so subtle points. Both the other leaders’ wives are lawyers(and one is Spanish!). Of the other leaders ,one is Jewish and a first generation immigrant  the other is part Russian and half Dutch. All the kinds of points made by the would be first ladies in the States.

What is more, in the USA the fact that a politician’s wife finds him acceptable and electable  is considered remarkable and newsworthy. Everyone knows that even wives who hate and are about to divorce their husbands will say the most career slavish things. (Vive la France) After all  he is the bread winner and his chosen trough is politics.Why is there is no  criticism of  what lawyers call husband-wife  privilege. WE know  politician lie,they have to,dragging their families into it is  grotesque and an insult to intelligence. Can you be objective about the father of your children?

As well the claim that the qualifications of being a wife,mother, grandmother are something special are so depressing. This what the  extremely dull, and there are thousands, put on their graves. Much loved and missed , Hubbie,Dad,Grandad  is written on far too many gravestones. That tells no story, except that along with the majority, the deceased went through the steps of  a procreative adult. That is they were a human being. So what these first ladies are telling us with a bit of snide thrown in is that they and their husbands  are human beings. For this information under load we are meant to be grateful.Fuck off.

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2 Responses to Stand By Your Man.

  1. I take that will be your epitaph then…

  2. itwonthurt says:

    My epitaph could only be Dieu premier donc mes freres or as I once put it Cru premier donc mes frites.

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