Walt Disney Lived Here

The  Walt Disney view of America is fine. And dandy. Nice , usually white folks  call their  parents sir, as kids work in the hard ware store, at  some point they have go abroad and do their patriotic chore and serve freedom. Then they come home, start a small business which becomes big. There is always  that moment when they have to put the family dog down. But once that sad  moment has passed they are free to marry that girl next door who has become a quite remarkable teacher at the local school for the deaf.

Of course one of the parents has cancer which creates a crisis which they over come. Somewhere the line,its never wrong to say I love you is wept. One of their children turns out to be good a sport but on the way to the Los Angeles Olympics realises that helping young kids from the ghetto overcome their drug habit is their real vocation… it goes on. The Walt Disney view reeks of deodorant, peppermint smelling mouth wash, decent folks,being decent, doing decent things.

How do you do dee; are you coming to the clam bake;you’re looking mighty spry Mr Pie; glad to hear you got the corn in before the rain;thought the sermon was good this week.

In a  dark world it is obvious that Walt,let’s be fair ,he is every body’s friend, should create a town which embodies all his ideals. Where decent folk can  not only talk the decent talk but walk the decent walk.  In 1990 it is  built, Celebration Florida. 2700 inhabitants,93% white,seven churches,if there is one,this is it, God’s country. Two years ago  it has its first murder, Oh My God.

58 year old retired school teacher Matteo Giovanditto after a life time helping young  ‘uns get onto life’s  free way and a little bit of a obsession with all things Disney had chosen to live out his retirement in Celebration. Ideal.

However when drifter David Murrilo went back to the teacher’s lovely condo in  Celebration  after a couple of drinks he woke up. A little shocked. The great teacher was on top of him about to commit what used to be called an unnatural act. He jumped up, startled. Tried to find his clothes and get out, couldnt find his shoes, but found an axe instead and did the deadly deed.

It then transpires that the good teacher has always  preferred male to female students. Some of whom have been graced with sleepovers, foreign trips and of course trips to Disney world. Many have involved the gentle drift into the golden world of masturbation. Some have gone as far as oral pleasure. Giovanditto is very much independent film material, a far  cry from the innocent  joys of a Disney cartoon or a wholesome  Disney family  based drama.

It turns out that what might have changed an every day scene of consenting adults into a murder, was the shoes. The school teacher has a thing for them. Loves taking pics of men in shoes. Thats why he has taken  Murrilos away.  Bad move. Otherwise he might have been up and away.

Meanwhile the Stepford wives of Celebration,Fla  have something more to talk about .Not  just the school run,the ballet lessons,next week’s summer fair and how the high school football team is doing. Its whether they can ever expect the  baking tins they lent to Giovanditto to be ever returned.

Th police chief says,”This has come as great shock,we are looking into it. Rest assured we are doing everything we can. Folks shouldnt worry,this is a one off, Celebration is still a great place to live and bring up kids. Have a nice day,d’you hear.” The trial is this week.

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4 Responses to Walt Disney Lived Here

  1. eric ormsby says:

    “The golden world of masturbation?!” Sounds like the voice of experience speaking here! Forget the baking tins–what about all the shoe horns?

  2. itwonthurt says:

    The sin of Onan,you have never tried it, you should,as one man said its having sex with someone you really hate

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