Aye Ready

What happened to it? The new found confidence. The post Olympic spring in the step,the realisation that we were once again top dog, a nation that could take them all on, make trains run on time, turn cripples into athletes and slums into  Olympic parks. What happened?

This week  we as a nation have been insulted. Traduced, made a laughing stock. The sand on the beach volley ball court  barely swept up  and its  flicked into our eyes by the beach bully and we are once again a third rate power. Not fit to hold our head up in the Dead Sea let alone the  Security Council.

Kate “blessed art thou among women”Middleton is going to be Queen, Defender of the Faith, ruler of all she surveys. But some grubby little frog eating,poodle loving surrender monkey has put her tits in his paper. OK our boys  are making a fist of it in Afghanistan,they always do. So they can’t be in two places at the same time.

But has Cameron the Mouse said anything. Has Milliband the legal immigrant said anything, has Putney’s own Clegg said anything in Dutch or English.  As Amy Winehouse crooned No No N0. The men of Westminster may be asleep in their beds. Elsewhere,the men of Festing and the adjoining  back to back terrraces of  lousy but loyal Putney want revenge. When the call comes we will be ready. Aye ready.

Already  we are doing extra swimming at the Dryburgh Pool. At a few hours notice  we can grease up ,put on the goggles and the speedos and swim over and give snail eating,kissee kissee,beret wearing Popmpiwhos a bit of English steel. He doesnt like it when it up  him.

Despite the shock and awe of the mermen of Putney appearing on the Calais beach, that might not work .How about straight retaliation. They print pix of Kate’s paps in their papers we print pix of fat midget boy Hollande’s tits and limp  saucisson in ours, we follow up with pix of the first Madame H’s  bumcrack and  follow up with a close up of the second M. H’s pathetic attempt of a Brazilian.  When asked,we will claim these are taseful pictures of middle aged people in love.

Then let them come over and start buying our lawyers. The Euro is almost an African currency they  couldn’t afford a brief let  alone a decent wig.

Dont worry Kate,there are still some hearts  of oak, a few left who can qualify for that happy band of brothers ,that fearless breed of men.

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