Manchester’s Mean Streets

The one eyed killer Dale Cregan is straight out of every suburban night mare. And many a crime thriller.Having lost an eye in a fight with a Thia policeman he is well known and feared in Manchester. When a rival gang member Mark Short, a violent criminal with  a record, slights a girlfriend, there is only one way. Cregan and his mob go into the pub blast him at close range and in the melee wound three others. Shorts father also a known criminal vows revenge. Cregan gets in first and does the deed with a round of bullets, and just to make sure ,a  hand grenade.

The police pull Cregan in but can’t hold him. On bail he goes on the run. The police offer £25K and then double it  as reward money.  His picture is all over town.The wall of silence in crime ridden  Manchester holds firm.  Ever since the riots of 1981 gangs of all shades and colours have run certain areas with the police having only the most superficial contact and influence. There is so much gun crime that the city is nicknamed Gunchester and actually has riske tourist tours of the gangster sites.

Since August Cregan has successfully laid low. Even though in some areas it is now reported he was “swaggering about”. So what changed?Did his protectors run out of patience because of all the extra policing that was going on and hampering  their drug and prostitution businesses? A hundred  raids  often with armed police were made in search of Cregan. Organised crime doesn’t like such activity.

Is the guy such a psycho that all he was interested in was furthering his own  gory ,in your face,reputation? Whatever,pushed or pulled, he goes for the big bang. There are rumours that the day before he threw a “good bye” party.

He phones the cops and tells of a burglary.The two police women turn up. He gives them his trade mark round of bullets and then a grenade. They both die. He then hands himself in. Why didnt he stay on the run? Already Facebook fan clubs have been formed suggesting he is a hero and deserves the OBE. Maybe his protectors have promised to spring him. Maybe he will die in police custody. Maybe we will cuddle up a bit closer tonight and make sure the doors are locked.

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