Love is Like a Stove burns you when its hot. And can leave scars.

We now  live in a multi racial ,multi cultural Britain. Some of us still live in white ghettos outside of the major cities, but that does not change the basic fact. All part of globalisation, change,end of Empire and any thing  else you want to throw into the melting pot. One of the many delights of this is that the basic English look is getting more handsome. For the mix of races seems always to produce the most beautiful children. Even ugly members of the races when joined cannot fail. Its almost as if God intended it, maybe he did.

But just because its a good thing,a coming thing does not mean its perfect. Take a friend of a friend, lets call him Peter. He is a trained Biology teacher and after graduating goes travelling. He ends up in Sierra Leone  where he gets a job in a village school. After a year or so he gets involved with a local girl. She gets pregnant. They get married. She confesses that the child is not his. But Peter is in love ,he is a good guy. They have another child,this time a bit lighter.

He gets a job back in England. Its in a rural town and the only accommodation they can afford is a small cottage on a farm. She is stuck there with the two small children. It doesnt work. Locals make an effort but she doesnt and she retreats. Into alcohol and hardly getting out of bed.

The family  goes into crisis mode. The lady goes back to Sierra Leone to try and sort herself out. She returns to England  but things are no better and she goes back to her village  near Freetown. There she commits suicide.

Meanwhile Peter struggles on. The children are growing up and at the local school. All he has told them is that Jesus wanted Mummy as an angel ,so she died. Because of  his child rearing responsibilities he can only work part time. Its not easy. Not like falling in love.

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