She Was Too Young

“She was only sixteen, only sixteen  and I loved her so ;But she was too young to fall in love; And I was too young to know; We’d laugh and we’d sing and do the little things; That made my heart glow; But she was too young to fall in love; And I was too young to know.”

Great hit from Sam Cooke.

Of course Megan Stammer is only fifteen and her married lover maths teacher,folk singing Jeremy Forrest is thirty, But when you see CCTV pics of them going though customs they look like a very pleasant loving couple. OK,if it was my daughter I might not be quite so laid back about it. But I dont think the mother of my children would  go on tele and say “your adorable princess wants her adorable mermaid back”. That is mother and daughter have the most childish immature relationship going. Well it might suit Mum, but it didn’t suit the daughter.

Who is a mature fifteen year old which in todays mores could mean she is nearly thirty. No doubt she has class mates who are mothers.  So instead of a mother who wants to play water babies she meets a young school teacher who looks her in the eye and sings  folk songs.Cupid spots his chance and  fires off one his most mischievous arrows. Game over.

But now the next bit. They are on the run. He is finished could go to prison for years. But hey,they are in love,they are writing the book.They both know this. They will get caught. They know this. How exquisite,painful,passionate and beautiful does this inevitable tragedy make their love affair. Totally.Young, time suspended, every second together is better than a life time apart.

This isnt  real, this is a movie script. I can’t live without you, I dont care what the world thinks, what do they know,they both cry. The singer who has to teach maths had found his perfect song,the young woman escaping  her pathetic,broken family has  found a love story on black ice ,that  once she could only dream about. Whats more,she is starring in it.

The court case. The cruel world and its unthinking judgement. They sob the blood tears of passion, I will wait until hell freezes over, live your life, no I wont. You are my life. Maybe, and this could be a real and unfortunate result  of being a hunted,desperate couple in the grip of a passion so huge;they will avoid the rest of their lives and the seemingly appalling consequences of their denied love affair. Maybe they will hold hands and jump.

Then the world will be sorry. The wheel will turn ,the romantic weak man and his strong young girlfriend will find how cruel the  world really is and the butterflies will be crushed. Megan may well sing Paul Anka’s  hit

“I’m so young and you’re so old;This my darling I’ve been told;I dont care what they say;Cause  forever I will pray;You and I will be as free; As the birds up in the tree.”

Sorry honey,you’re too young to vote.

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2 Responses to She Was Too Young

  1. Billy Booth says:

    “I love you but do you love me?”
    Paul Anka certainly had a way with words scribbler

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