Bad Taste

Here is a game to liven  up the saddest relationship. A bit of role playing to put the zing back in to the most hum drum of couples. Something which could turn a  dull evening at home into a torrent of heavy breathing and lust.

All that is required is a few simple objects from the dressing up box. First of all the man puts on an albino blond wig ,some bling and a track suit.The cigar is optional. The lady then  dresses as a school girl. Preferably gym slip and tie.The man pretends to put on a record- something by the Hollies always works. The school girl then bounces into the room and says, “Thats my favourite”. The man then says, “Come here darling.” She sits on his knee. The man then fondles his babe and she squeals “Are you sure, isnt that a bit naughty”. This can go on  for as long and as far as the couple wants.

The next part of the game requires then woman to dress up as a sixty year old grandmother and the man to put on  a suit and look like he is something high up in a large organisation. Say,the BBC.

The woman then says, “I was raped ,I was molested and no one cared”. The man then looks very serious and says “This is terrible,something must be done, something will be done.” The woman then cries, “I want justice”. He puts his head in his hands and says, “What can I do.” She goes round and puts her arm round him and says, “There,there,it will be alright.”

At this point the man must get out of  his suit and get back into the wig ‘n track suit.” Come here girly. ” “No , you are  a disgusting pervert and  I wish I had never met you.”” Oh no “the man cries. At this point the woman gets out her cane and says,”I am now going to punish you, bend over.”

How the game develops from this point on depends on the couple. Many  find it easier to start again  with the girl back in her gym slip sitting on the great man’s knee. Others like the s&m. Some find that there are possibilities with the older woman and the BBC executive.

Whatever ,this is  not a game for all the family. Its for  consenting adults in the comfort of their own home. Just something to do between the end of Eastenders and the News.

The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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3 Responses to Bad Taste

  1. OOOOOOOH well now,who WOULD of thought.Nice man who lived with his Mum all his life! Bloody obvious he was a freak……….

  2. itwonthurt says:

    Northern scum,what do you expect

  3. Billy Booth says:

    Now then Now then!

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