Picture on the Wall

The first verse of Jo Brown and the Bruvvers  1962 hit Picture of You

In the night there are sights to be seen                                                                                                    Stars like jewels on the crown of a queen                                                                                                 But the only sight I’m gonna view                                                                                                              Is that wonderful picture of you

I can remember at the time a very serious conversation with two of my  boarding school friends(Boyes,Packett?) about whether to buy the record this week to help it get to number one next week ,or buy it next week to help it stay at the top. Serious stuff!

But pictures of you are everywhere. One of the many reasons that I never made it to the Premiership in business  journalism was that there was a point where I just found it difficult to take it seriously.

Occasionally when I saw a  senior executive with the very normal picture of his  wife,2.4 children and or Labrador on  the desk I would opine. “There are two reason why you have  this picture ,one, you (are so stupid that you) might forget what your family looks like. The other that your job is so boring that you have to remind yourself why you are doing it.” Neither opinion gave the interview a tiger in the tank, but I did enjoy saying it!

Of course the man  may have been just trying to personalise his space in the corporate world. He may also have been  obeying a kind of style code like wearing a tie, having clean shoes. The family photo states. I am a regular guy,trustworthy and straight. Maybe ,that is not so obligatory now.

One thing I did learn was that senior executives with lots of glory photos in their office of them with politicians, pop stars, footballers etc were almost invariably on the way out. The show wasnt egotism but insecurity. They knew either their careers or their companies were cons and they were trying to paper over the cracks with look at me photos. Or is it  that they felt   such an insignificant people  that without the  paid for celeb pics others would cotton on.

And then there are the families who have turned their homes into shrines for their children,or themselves. I can think of several who have rows of those gormless year photos which make all children look very similar. What is that saying, besides  an in your face declaration of no,worse, anti style or taste. Of course any family pictures in my house are there because they are great pictures of beautiful people!

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