Travelling without Auntie

How easy is modern travel? as I teach my Nepalese students its easy peasy Japaneasy.

So how come I went to the wrong Heathrow Terminal. Got in a complete panic trying to find the Heathrow  Express. Found it. Announcement ,the train is leaving immediately. With ruck sack and heavy bag start to run. Slip. trip. fall. Surrounded by toadies asking  Are you all right? Bald old man lieing on tube platform.luggage every where. Am I alright. The train is going. Up I get I get on the train.

I’m now beginning to hyper ventilate. Have I got on the right train, am I being taken back to London. For pity’s sake I’ve been out the house an hour and I’m a wreck.

Going through security my bag is identified as a threat to Western civilization. Its number six  in line to be checked. Everything comes out. Things are taken away and checked again. The security people are always chatting to each other. I have a plane to catch. I will miss it. I am twitching , I am walking  up and down, I am behaving like a bomber. Calm down, you calm down. 15 minutes later it turns out   my kindle should not have been in my bag. Oh God. I look at my watch. I still have an hour  to my flight.

Met at Kathamndhu airport. Taken to hotel. Great. Hold on. Sorry sir no booking. I had checked twice with my host. OK have you got a room.Only one with no loo. OK I’ll take it at a discount. No sir. OK I’ll go somewhere else. All booked its 9pm. Ok I’ll take the room with the blocked loo.

Tomorrow the ten hour journey over  unmade roads to the Sherpa village.

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3 Responses to Travelling without Auntie

  1. Now we know what Aunties do….I’m all tense awaiting more of The Road to teach ’em.

  2. Irena says:

    Vintage performance. Just hang in there to show them what you are made of. Hugs. Irena

  3. Legs says:

    Great style Hugh.

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