So What?

So Jodie Foster dives for Greece. Fine. Its a great shame but we all knew that and we have found ways to get over it. Some of us got married. Like many men  I have have found that her bent  and total unavailability even in a fantasy world made her even more desirable . After all, if you are going to fantasise  about Hollywood pussy who you are never even going to meet,go for the bulls eye,the lesbian babe.

My local rugby team Rosslyn Park has for years had a women’s team and guess what, many of them have crew cuts, smoke  cigars and wear corduroy trousers.  So no guessing games there. They sing I’m not the marrying kind with particular gusto!

Elton John gargles for Onan,well good luck to him. He is not alone A quarter of those on my old school’s Wall of Fame-artists, authors, managers , professors and  stage directors, were as we used to say ,not like  other men. We all know someone or someone’s family that have queers in the nest.  Its not brave to come out, its frankly  boring. We all knew anyway. We maybe find ,what they do ,especially with strangers in urinals a tad distasteful, but  we don’t have to buy  the video. Anyway now that HMV has closed you probably cant get it anyway.

Our local vicar lives with another vicar and naturally according to the Church of England code only does it in the dark and when he is sleep walking. How else could he be true to the frankly daft ruling that vicars can be gay as long as they  don’t that awful thing,that is ,express their sexuality.

What is more sleep inducing, a lovey  with stains on her dress coming out or a vicar in his all white surplice hanging onto the biggest lie since buying your way out of purgatory. Its close.

As for prejudice and discrimination ,now that’s more interesting, Generally we all stick to people like us. So young people stick to each other, blacks with blacks, queers with queers , married folk with married folk, singles and so on. It make us all feel better that way. Its not PC,where ranchers  dance  with the cowboys girl, but then the real world isn’t ,that’s the point. There is not a village in the world that does not reject strangers.

But  in the end as  someone on the money said,”The only queer people are those that don’t love anybody.”

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