Its a wonderful world

A few years ago Vivien and I went round the world. It took us eleven months and we visited 12 countries. Now there is some discussion about whether travel broadens or narrows the mind. Does the exposure to new experiences , culture and habits  change you, or, does in doing those things confirm your prejudice and make you even more convinced  of the rectitude of your given path.

A generation had travelled the world  in their Gap years-are they broader,wiser more understanding ? Do they have a feel for ancestor worship, eating with their hands, toilets without paper, the feudalism which comes with poverty?

But what did I learn from the steaks and football stadium of Buenos Aires,the farms of Chile, the open  spaces and clean cities of Australasia ,the smiling dishonesty of Thailand,  the abject corruption of Cambodia, the up and go of Vietnam, the drive  of Hong Kong,the horror and vibrant colour of Mumbai  ,the majesty of Rajistan  ,the lovely people and the desperate civil war of  Sri Lanka. The profound Doubtful Sound, the mighty Andes and Himalayas , Angkor Wat and the Taj Mahal. What did I learn?

That no two showers are the same. Talk about broadening the mind. Well its true. Showers are made in factories,no doubt in batches of  thousands. Yet no two are the same. Some work and many don’t.  Some are easy to understand ,many are some kind of test.  Some are all hot and many are all cold. Some  gush out like fireman’s hoses others like an old man’s dribble. Some inspire fear ,others loathing ,others you just despise. How come taps or light switches never  have this range ?

But of course showers are deep in the culture. Some  saddos rave about how creative  they are in the shower,that  is where they get their best ideas  Others bore for Minneapolis about the joys of singing in the shower. But then we come to violence in the shower. Janet Leigh ,the curtain, the knife, the music,the scream. Who knows Oscar and Reeva may have written a new chapter in blood on the  bath mat saga.

But its when we come to sex in the shower that we all stand to attention.(geddit? ) This comes as we say in pilot school either solo or  with a copilot. Personally I have  done a Philip Larkin and a Ted Hughes in the shower. Both have their moments. But on reflection I think  sex in the shower is for  poor people who haven’t got a swimming pool or access to the sea. Although the idea of  rubbing around, scrubbing  and bubbing, slipping and  sliding with your babes has its attraction,it can be over sold. As on the Love Panky(sic) web site.

“Having sex in the shower is a lot more than just having just a new way of having sex. Shower sex is innovative and  can help both of you feel closer bond better.” As I said earlier travel can either open or close the mind. If you want to feel closer and bond better( do you really?) then shower sex is for you. Hopefully the shower will work and not come out shrivelling cold or killer hot.

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  1. David Fangen says:

    is this really of interest to any one? Viv do you have a comment/ Please keep it clean.

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