Wakey Wakey

The retiring Pope has blamed the problems in the Catholic  Church on the fact that God was Sleeping. Its difficult to take the Roman  church seriously at the best of times, with its  armies of Saints, relics, baptising infants so they get a ticket home, views on  queers, women priest, contraception, abortion and the rest. But now we find  the reason why  1000s have been buggered and worse around the world by men in surplices and the Church did nothing. Or when it did do something , it just moved the  inappropriate priest to another parish where he could carry on his grisly sin. We find the reason was that  God was asleep.

Of course that also might explain why Christians are having such a bad time in the Muslim world. Effectively being run out of town in the Middle and Near East. (Heaven would  surely  forbid God being a Muslim)Having their churches systematically burned and  congregations terrorised.

Now why is God asleep. Is he tired? Is he fed up? Is the job too difficult, time for a new man?Is he getting old?Maybe he is just bored with the whole thing. Sulking because it just hasn’t gone the way he expected. The hidden clause of free will has just  gone way beyond what he intended.

It maybe that he hasn’t  gone to sleep, he is just  away on another job. One or two new planets have recently been discovered. Perhaps that’s where he has been. Maybe if you closed your  eyes tightly enough ,knelt even lower and squeezed those palms just that little bit more you might get through.

And if  you did he might say,”Give me a break, I cant be every where at once. You are old enough to sort out some of these problems yourselves.” OK, LGA*,so its a case of you’ll phone us then ” Yes,  but don’t hold your breath and it wont be at weekends, I’m playing a lot of golf.” So you see he wasn’t asleep, he  just don’t care about our foolish ways.

A little bit of internet research comes up with the why he has taken that view. The Catholics have not handled their sins well. And as Proverbs 28.9 states, “He that turneth away his ear from  hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination.”

Oh and by the way. I have been telling  one of my few orginal jokes for some time. What is the difference between the Church of England and the Catholic Church? We believe in bugger all and they believe in buggering everything. Its the way you tell ’em.

*LGA. Lord God Almighty.

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One Response to Wakey Wakey

  1. Legs says:

    I am glad that the “God asleep” affected you in the same way it affected me, Unbelievable!

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