Dont Cry For Me Jorge Mario

So the new  Pope sometimes  used to take a bus. So, I take one every day, does that make me a saint.  Pope Francis aka Jorge Mario also carries his own bags. Join the club,is  it that easy to join the halo crowned,feathered ones in the clouds?

Some say the new Pope used to hob nob with the military junta and now he’s sorry. My dad  and father in the law were in the army, I was in the school Corps for one term and Adelaide was in the OTC at uni for a similar period. Does that mean my military credentials are up the scratch? I think so.

So  the  the new papa,the shepherd of a billion Catholic  sheep allows priests to baptise the babies of single mothers. Well la di bloody la . As  it happens my granddaughter is getting christened on Sunday, her parents are married,where does that leave us?He thinks if lesbians and poofs say they are sorry they have a chance of going to heaven. Way to go, Giorgio.

When it comes to condoms the new man is really on the ball. Of course  their use as a contraceptive  is  not to be allowed, after all where would that leave virgin birth? But  and here the new  broom starts sweeping, condoms are OK if  one of the married partners has HIV. So if you want to use a condom ,its Ok if you get AIDs first.

The new man is famous for washing the feet of AIDs sufferers. Whatever turns you on. But that was the blessed Princess Diana’s party trick-and did  she get to heaven,I think not.

Gay marriage,I’m afraid also a no ,no. Jorge Mario is  more likely to tango with the Archbish of Cant than give the nod and a wink to that diet of  worms. He knows what happened to Cardinal O’Glasgow when he declared that gay marriage was worse than slavery, Up popped a handsome young priest and told  stories of hanky panky in the vestry. Arrividerci Mnr O’ Glasgow.

What about those women who want to be priests and those priests who want to get married.Jorge Mario will once again shake his head. Sadly,with tears in those eyes which see all the world’s sins the new Pope will walk the Appian Way,worn so smooth by  so many modern papas,to complete irrelevance.

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  1. Just another nasty nazi

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