At my granddaughter’s christening  Leo, my son, was surrounded by  his friends. It’s one of his strengths that many have been his friends for ten years or more. Like him many are  married, or about to be, some like him have  babes in arms. Most are successful, bright and have glamorous and equally successful wives. Its as it should be.

But what struck me, very late in the game, was how similarly  most of the lads(they will always be) dressed. Their  look, their cut, their hair, the way the grinned, their  cod formality, their sexy seriousness. They are all dedicated followers of fashion and its leader. David Beckham.

Five years ago I spent a month in Vietnam. David Beckham was everywhere. English football was at its zenith and its Sun King was Beckham. I mused they love football and he is a  soccer God,he is stylish and pretty, small and  neat so  had a natural  affinity with the Vietnamese. But of course Beckham is, was and has become so much more.

His is a model both on and off the pitch.  On the pitch he shows how careers can be managed to an inch of perfection even when on the wane. Off ,his good looks and his great temperament have helped him become a national treasure and global asset.. Whether in a suit or in his underpants, every tone, every ripple , every bump is not too big and not too small. Its Goldilocks right. He  is cool and relaxed about his masculinity  so he can use moisteners, shave his legs, have pedicures, go to the hairdressers once a week, even have gross  tattoos.

Remember I come from a generation which felt that only gays had their hair cut well and regularly and tattoos basically meant  you were non commissioned or an ex con.

But for Leo and his pals Beckham is more than just a fashion icon. He is a role model. OK he slept with his PA, but everyone is  allowed one or two  lives. Maybe that doesn’t do him any harm. But he is married to a successful woman, who is intelligent enough to realise that leg overs are just that. He also has three children to whom he is devoted. Leo and his pals are like 18 year old girls in the way they show off their baby minding abilities. They are new men. David Beckham’s example helps.

But what  the Beckham  model  shows is that you can be successful on your own terms. Modern without being abrasive, cool without being ridiculous, relaxed in your own skin while being serious about the real world, a family man  while keeping  your sex appeal.. And why world brands queue up to use Beckham and the lads follow is that Beckham crucially says luxury ,and having the best is not  bad, worn correctly(and that’s vital), it’s the only way.


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2 Responses to Metrosexuals

  1. Liza says:

    actually David Beckham has 4 children!

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