Dog Whistle


When David Cameron Eton, Oxford, Bullington Club etc wanted to show us a what a regular guy he really was he used to produce his sadly deformed little boy. And even  after the little chap died that didn’t do him any harm. When Ed Milliband wanted to show the world he wasn’t  another of the pointy heads from Hampstead who had read the book but  knew sweet FA, he married his long term partner and the mother of his children. Showed he was just a regular guy. But let’s be fair(why?) they are both part and parcel, have been since birth ,of the political establishment. Which across Europe is,in pure Laurel and Hardy fashion being correctly blamed “ for the fine mess we are in”.

So how does Nigel Farage signal he is not part of this establishment and is something else. He stands there with a pint in his hand and not only has a cigarette but says,”I think I would like a fag”.  He even smokes that 1980s favourite brand Rothmans. This is a fantastic dog whistle to the public.

He is saying I am not part of the establishment who said the EU was good for you, who bale out bankers and subsidise their bonuses, who think gay marriage is totally normal, families on welfare one of those things we can do nothing about, immigration  and the destruction of communities and culture part of bigger and more progressive picture. The establishment who blether on about  how many units you should or shouldn’t be drinking, who hound perfectly legal smokers into wet and miserable corners.

Smoking and drinking and having a laugh down the pub ,we know  what his saying. Then he says I am just going to have a fag. Of course he knows the  treble meaning of fag. What a poke in the eye that is for the politically correct establishment. How the leader writers at the Guardian must be straining at the leach. And how the public laps it up. No one cares if he is married, the state of his children ,what school he went to or even if he shares  his speeding points with another.

 Of course only a year or so ago  it was the BNP who were changing the face of politics. Their completely useless bunch of councillors meant they were April snow. The inexperience of the UKIP councillors will be tested. UKIP’s MEPs have been  at best a very mixed bunch. In the mean time watch Farage kick a dog and tell a baby to shut  the f*** up. Way to Go, Nige.

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