The power of prayer

Vivien works at a cancer resource  centre. One of her clients has been  handling  cancer for sometime with a ;painful combination of chemo and drugs. Recently a new course was started. It was’t working.  She  started to vomit and feel even weaker than normal. It was Saturday so she felt that the local A&E at the hospital would be crowded so she took herself down to the nearest “walk in” clinic in Clapham.

She arrived at 7.30pm,it was to close in half an hour. She signed in was told to wait. Fifteen minutes later she felt sick. She asked a nurse to show her to the toilet. This was done. Ten minutes later she came out and found, much to her surprise, she was alone. Everyone had  gone and the clinic  was ;locked firmly. No way out. She  phoned the police. Two hours later having tracked down a key holder they arrived.

On Monday she phoned the clinic. They recognised  the problem but made no apology.

This week we are down in Lyme Regis. This always involves a trip to  Whitchurch Canonicorum

. The church of St Wit was once the second  most popular pilgrimage destination in England. St Wit  having healing powers. Pligrims still come. The grave yard is the resting place of the founder of Bermuda,a first world war VC, Sir Robin Day and the luckless Markov who got his with a poisoned umbrella.

Those few modern pilgrims who make the trip leave messages at the shrine. The shrine is built so you can put your crippled limbs through holes  to get them closer to the saintly bones. The ,messages read pathetically, save my son from his tumour, save my wife from her depression,save my husband from his drink problem, make gran happy in her last days,the list of misery goes on. 

The power of prayer is debatable. But as  a panelist on Gardeners Question Time once said it doesnt do your plants any harm to talk to them. And who knows a well said prayer may stop you getting locked in at your local doctor’s surgery.

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