Drummer Lee Rigby

They bury Drummer Rigby to rest

Coffined-as on TV  found

His landmark is a floral fest

That breaks the  shopping round

And foreign bodies try their best

To make sense of his lonely mound


Young Rigby the drummer never knew

Fresh from his Woolwich home

The meaning of the Koran’s cue

The martyrs’ dream of dusty loam

And why uprose in public view

Strange monsters so close  to home


(Apologies to Thomas Hardy and Drummer Hodge)

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3 Responses to Drummer Lee Rigby

  1. Our nation’s ways on young shoulders rest,
    Their numbers few, their loyalty does attest,
    That in countless souls our tolerant ways are for the best,
    That destructive minds and creeds will always fail to wrest.

    Jan Vivian – two minuter – 24 May 2013

  2. eric ormsby says:

    A valiant effort, somewhat in a Kiplingesque mode. The metre is a bit off, though. Wouldn’t the last line be better as ‘strange monsters close to home’?

  3. itwonthurt says:

    Metres are for runners not poets. Don’t mess with one whose name is not writ on water.

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