We Are In The Money

The other day Fangen  and I were bullshiting. As you do. He had  made money out of xyz stocks and I had made money out of abc shares. Weren’t we the clever ones? The market had  gone up 40 per cent and we had  made money.

 Fangen was until he  brilliantly sold , a very  successful businessman in the City so he knows a thing or two. I for my virtues was a financial journalist so ,at least before lunch, I know how many beans make five(what does that mean?). The point was we felt flushed enough to talk about the joys of making cash while you sleep  and  bask in the glow of our good fortune. In fact despite our relative knowledge neither of us has  read any our investments balance sheets(I wouldn’t know how) and have little idea of the management style or probity of the companies we have chosen.

So the fact that two relative  amateurs were  confident enough to start lighting cigars, put their feet up ,start looking at the bottom of the wine list and generally play the financier is a statement about the consumer and the  market. For as one pundit raved,”Any one not playing the market as an insider is like someone buying cows in the moonlight.”

The stock market  as well as being a casino is also the home of clichés. Let the trend be your friend; top pickers and bottom pickers end up as cotton pickers; always leave something for the other guy; there are  two golden rules don’t lose money  and don’t forget the first rule; how  do you make a small fortune-start with a large one; never wrong to take a profit – like warm toffee the clichés flow remorselessly out from the  financial pages.

No cliché is bigger and so diamond that it never wears out than  the JP Morgan story  and why he got out the market  before the crash in 1929. He is having his shoes cleaned( those were the days my friend,today bankers wear flip flops). The shoe shine boy(played by Will Smith) says to the banker(played by Gene Hackman). I think you should go big on US Steel. Morgan goes in to the market and sells everything. Logic? If a shoe shine boy is  a) in the market it means there is no more new money to come in and b)thinks he knows stuff it means the market has lost contact with reality, that means the market is over.

Now Fangen and I between us have over 20 O levels. We know that  the kind of hubris we are  going through  always ends in tears.  So we should sell. We also know that only two of the last five predicted market crashes have happened and  they are often predicted two or three years in advance-in the mean time the market just powers on. So  we whistle Dixie.

So what to do? Reach for another cliché. Baron Rothschild on asked  how he had got and more importantly stayed rich,  states “I always sell too early.” You see its easy.

 Fangen writes to me this week-its  going up.its never going to end. How  right is right. Right on. The next day he tells me to sell. Most of the O levels are mine. Most of the money his.

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  1. Stuart says:

    Best ask Killik for a tip

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