An Englishman’s Home


Last week in The Week they featured “Magnificent Scottish Properties.” Included was Rothes Glen House, Rothes, Aberlour. For those that don’t know, thats on magnificent Speyside, home  of great fishing , sweet townships,to die for views and  malt whisky. The description of the pile goes “An imposing Scottish baronial mansion estate of 10 acres with parkland and lochan. Master suite with dressing room, 10 further suites, boudoir, nursery wing. 12 reception rooms, tower rom and stores set around an inner courtyard.”

A bit of googling and one finds that the owner has recently spent £500,000 on doing the place up,it has been both a school and a hotel. The place has also been on the market since at least January and from what one can tell the price has fallen £100k- but I think we know that its present price of £1.39m is pretty soft.

Now for those readers with an IQ of more than 50 its obvious why this property caught my eye. For in terraced Festing Road,Putney some 400 miles to the south of Aberlour-but also if you lean out  of the top window with a river view, four small bedroomed houses with two bathrooms and a similar number of reception rooms go for a similar price.

No ten acre spread with lake and island  with the Highlands as a backdrop , here we make do with a 40 foot strip and a view of the next street’s terrace. But  another difference is that in Festing Road the prices are hardening and properties do not take months to sell but hours.

Which may go to encourage the view that my old pal the good Dr Johnson might have said, “The humblest Englishman’s home is worth more than the grandest Scotsman’s castle”.

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4 Responses to An Englishman’s Home

  1. Eric ormsby says:

    One of your best to date, old chap. According to my (English-born) Grandmother, this is the mark of the true Englishman: a love of home and hearth, a reverence for women and something else I’ve forgotten long since. You are headboy in the first category, at least.

  2. Eric ormsby says:

    On the other hand, now I mull it over, do I detect a kind of Putney jingoism in this blog?

  3. Ann says:

    I really enjoyed reading this Hugh

  4. sara says:

    home is where the heart (and dog and horse) is, no matter the value, then or now

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