Shock Jocks

An Aussie   radio “shock jock” has been sacked because he asked the Prime Minister Julia Gillard if her partner(dread word) a hairdresser ,was a  homosexual. Now call me old fashioned, but when  I was a boy not only were all  hair dressers gay but their most regular clients also dressed on the left side. Real men looked scruffy because that’s what made real  men different. From the opposite sex. Of course times change  but  maybe not so much  Down Under. When I was there a few years ago members of a state parliament were being criticised for bra snapping female members of the chamber. Last week an Aussie politician referred to  chicken on the menu as being like the Prime Minister-small breasted with  fat thighs. Ouch.

But what questions would a without fear shock  jock ask  British politicians?

 David, you went to an all boys boarding school where all male relationships where not  only  normal but desirable. How many lovers did you have and were any of any lasting significance. Are any in your present Cabinet? You married into the landed gentry-did her status influence your choice of life partner?

 George you have been associated with prostitutes. Do you have any favourite brothels and if so what makes a good “maison publique”. Is it the girls, the madam, the décor or the music? Or is it totally subjective. And what does  your wife think of these events past or present?

Ed you got married to your long time partner  very soon after  becoming leader of the Labour Party. Has that  won you many  votes and  hows it going? A lot people find the change over from co habitation to full on marriage  difficult, hows it been for you? And talking personal, when did you first realise that you hated your elder brother and wanted  to shaft him front and back? Was it a teenage acne thing or did it happen  earlier in the nursery. Have you any other brothers and sisters you don’t get on with!?

Ed B- lets forget the Nazi( oh so butch) haircut and the steroid induced neck and the East German tailor. Lets talk about why every time you appear in the media the Tory vote goes up, why did  you knight all those bankers, and did you at any time as you and Gordon drove the country towards the  cliff edge ever think you may have taken the wrong turn?


Nick you are one of the few people in the world who can speak Dutch. Brilliant. Do you find it helps you get a better a deal with the whores  in Amsterdam. Especially as most of them are Roumanian.You  speak Dutch and you married a Spanish girl, you send your kids to a  Catholic school, What have you against  English  girls who understand that the Reformation was  a defining part of the English/British personality?How does it feel to have  destroyed  your Party as a viable  political entity?

Just jocking. Shock Jocks-it’s the way you tell  ‘em

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