Men from Northampton,Mass

Women are from the Congo and Men from Northampton, Mass.

How’s that? Research featured in Guardian points out that women are turned on by the  sight if monkeys copulating. Those little fellas  hard at it apparently get  our wives and loved ones juices flowing. Scientists can  tell  as the ladies are wired up   but when the women are asked what is going on, they deny any such feelings. The research therefore concludes  that although women are deep down as sexually interested and easily aroused as men, they are conditioned to deny the fact. So if you want to give your  babes a good time  either take her on holiday to the Congo or drop off her  at the zoo. If you are a wealthy Russian maybe you may have to buy a zoo.

Men in Northampton Mass.?Well that  as all readers of Wikipedia know is the lesbian capital of the world.  Here holding hands and  listening to kd laing records is compulsory.  Nothing gets a red bloodied male crossing his legs and going quicker than the sight of two lesbians getting intimate. Lizard kiss, hands on buns, stroking the nipple, gently caressing the groin,,the works. But why is this? After all lesbians are not for men.

Apparently men don’t really believe this and they feel that all women are up for it regardless of crew cut and overalls. When they see two women in a sexual mode men start to fantasise that a threesome could  be on the cards. Though of course other research shows that most men find threesomes not twice as exciting but half as interesting, as men far from being the centre of attention  come third in a three horse race.

So excited by all these findings  I asked a  woman I see regularly and often talk to, about this monkey business. Definitely not ,thought she did admit to being fascinated by  horses’ members. “it’s the size, they are just sooo big”. Oh God ,so size does matter.

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2 Responses to Men from Northampton,Mass

  1. jonh says:

    Just confirming what I know from experience………

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