Totally Unacceptable

Totally Unacceptable


Near my home in Bishops Park is a monument to those from Hammersmith and Fulham who fought for the Republican side in the Spanish Civil War. The bland marble  slab bears the simple line “Their eyes were open and they could see no other way.” My generation has of course seen many other ways. Until recently that is, when the  cutters of wood and the drawers of water have started to link arms and face those forces which they find “Totally Unacceptable”. I have decided to join them.

There are those who are outspoken on twitter and have provoked a response from the deranged. Here the response has been to boycott twitter for a day. I am going  further. I am not going to use my mobile phone. Vivien says that  protest might be more meaningful if I took it out of its box. But it is the flap of a butterfly’s wing which causes the avalanche.

Many are upset about the fate of those Guantanemo Bay.  To bring the  Great Devil to its knees they are not eating for a week.  I am going further. There will be no more malt whisky at breakfast. Yes , Mr Obama now  you will  know what real protest is about.

There are some  who are getting agitated about the lack of gay rights in  Mother Russia. Of course as an ex journalist I do not believe everything I read (or write). Nevertheless,  I have decided to join the boycott of the Winter Games next year.  Those that point out my two skiing trips in the l960s were largely spent finding and rebuckling my skis are missing the point. This is an idea whose time has come.

This afternoon will see me lying on my lounger in the  garden. Some will see this as the action of an old man with little else to do. Wrong, wrong ,wrong. No fracking at number 54. Those that want to make a pretty penny at my expense are in for a shock. I am putting my life on the line. The bulldozers can back off. My eyes are open and  I can see no other way.

It is totally unacceptable that there is no wheel chair or women’s sport on peak time television. On this I am going to fight  fire with fire.  Until those missing must see programmes  are aired, I will never watch Eastenders again. They can keep their pensions but without viewers where and what is their legacy. The answer my friend is blowing in the wind.

It maybe unfashionable but  I feel strongly about what is happening in the Middle East. To bring both sides to their senses I have decided against going to a takeaway kebab house for the next week. This may not sound very effective.  But think on. Most of the money from  these take away joints gets shipped home to feed  dependents and  buy burquas. No money no burquas. No  burquas and the rest follows. Democracy, rule of law, responsible military, tax paying citizens the whole shooting(!) match..

These are heady days. Bliss it is to be alive. But to be on the picket line is very heaven.

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