It Aint What You Do


You couldn’t make it up. He is five feet nothing. His  Welsh mother is an alcoholic, his US Navy father likewise After the inevitable divorce.,he  spends time at a Welsh Comprehensive. He joins the US Army. He is an out and out gay. But that isn’t enough, now he wants to change sex. More than that, he is the spy of the century. No author  could get away with such a preposterous character. But there he is.

The US Army which he joined ,so he  could get  his university   education paid for, within six weeks had second thoughts  about Bradley call me Chelsea Manning . He was about to be discharged on several occasions but so short  was the US Army of computer geeks, that he was   in Army parlance “recycled”.

Not least to a  nowhere base in the Iraq desert where the guys  used to entertain themselves by looking at footage of US Black Hawks totalling citizens. Here despite appealing to his sergeant about his need for a sex change, wacking another soldier, curling up and sleeping in a cupboard he  keeps his security clearance. Somehow  as the court room pictures of the lad/lady testify( don’t you love the beret) in all this experience he picks up two rows of medals.

Bradley/Chelsea’s  Boston student boy friend gives him up. He is bullied by the grunts.  The Army is once again on the brink of getting rid of him. But they don’t. Good soldier Bradley links up with hackers and hey presto the meal is cooked.

So now Haverford West’s  Tasker Milward Comprehensive’s most  famous alumni goes down for  35. He was so unpopular at that school that on one camping expedition the other children just left him behind.

He/she has already done three,,he gets a bit of remission because they treated him rough and now they reckon he could be out in eight. The Army says no one changes sex in their prisons. But the US courts forced civilian  prisons to change their tune. US courts have decreed that denying  a chap  a sex change in prison amounts to “cruel and unusual punishment”. Exactly.

But if he changes  sex in the slammer what happens? Is he moved to a women’s prison?

Meanwhile  old Julian Assuage is still in the Ecuadorian embassy. He is so confident of his sexual orientation that  he is holed up to avoid rape charges in Sweden. His mate Snowden  is hiding out Putin’s home of the free. You couldn’t make it up. This story is so wacky that it should have  sub titles.

PS As it turns out Britain leads the world in military personnel changing sex. Three have done it. Two had problems and were discharged. One sued and lost, the court agreeing there were other issues. But the third settled down  in her new sex and  was full of praise for the support she received.

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