Mary Poppins Rules

One of the few scandals  I can remember of my parents short marriage was  when my father  was caught kissing the Norwegian au pair. The fact that my mother was having a full blown affair  with the German who would become her future husband , just added, in retrospect  to the dramaof it all.

 I was reminded of this in watching What Maisie Knew . A brilliant film showing  what selfish parents(its important that I am happy, don’t worry the children have taken it well)  look like  from a child’s eye. Part of the plot is that both( I know I am late but I love you to bits)parents, marry the nannies to sort out the baby sitting problem. In the one flaw in the film the two  now step parents who have much more time and sympathy for Maisie  than the parents, eventually get it together.

In real life I know of two brilliant  parent meet nanny stories. One where a  very successful  South American oil/hotel entrepreneur, great guy, lost  his  first beautiful wife and mother of his three children. Being a sensible man who was away a lot, he married his very well groomed Irish nanny.  She became a  feature on the street. Then as  businessmen who work behind the Iron Curtain do, he mysteriously died. Nanny inherits the ranch and marries the carpet cleaner. I still see her in Waitrose sometimes.

Then there is a  very old family friend. Great designer. At one time when we were just married she and her husband were one  our  ten core couples who we socialised with. He runs off with an almost identical looking woman and now lives in New Zealand. She has an affair with one of her mature students which produces a daughter. The daughter is named Vita. You’ll see why in a  minute. She moves abroad to teach and  gets a nanny to help. They have an affair, and then she and the nanny marry. But same sex marriages are no more founded in heaven than the other kind. They divorce. She returns to London and is very happy in her new flat, retirement and with an  excruciating lap dog whom she takes to the toilet “in case he worries”.

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2 Responses to Mary Poppins Rules

  1. charlotte good says:

    In my own extended family, we have had a lot of talk about the positives that have come out of a similarly dysfunctional grouping; the conclusion was how lucky we were to have found so many loveable souls as a result of the random parental partner change.

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