Nun’s Story

The Community of the Sisters of the Church is an international body of women within the Anglican Communion, living under the gospel values of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience, desiring to be faithful to the traditions of the Religious Life while exploring new ways of expressing them and of living community life and ministry today.

The St Michaels Convent Ham Common  is part of the above .One of the nuns is to have a mammogram at Queen Mary’s Roehampton. In six weeks since you ask.For a few short moments on my recent trip to the hospital(usual old git stuff) I was that sister. They shuffled me off to the pharmacy with the good lady’s paper’s and only the eagle eye of a trained and sober journalist  stopped what could have been a most unfortunate incident.

By and large  the treatment I got was first class. Though they had previously shuffled me off to the X ray department bearing some elses identity and  the letter for my first  appointment did arrive after the appointment. But I got on well with the Consultant Mr John Dick(Trinity Hall and Guys) and cracked a joke about getting mouth and  rectum in the right order with the pretty Eurasian Pharmacist.

Now there are various reasons why I could not be a nun in search of a mammogram. First there is the Poverty. Not guilty sir, London house prices, a decent inheritance, a reasonable pension pot and a healthy run on the stock market have meant I vote Tory and  pray CofE in the full and certain  knowledge that poverty is something to write about and not experience.

Chastity, if the last two days are anything to go by I might qualify for that section but only if previous is not taken  into account. And what about my thoughts and fantasies ,these are not in line with gospel values, in many ways they are more Old Testament.

Obedience, never my strong suit..

One of the sad little details I picked up on my trip to Gods waiting room was  how many come as couples. Is it for company, for reassurance, companionship, because they have nothing else to do, a trip to the hospital is at least a trip. Maybe four eyes are better than two when it comes to checking the paper work.

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  1. U mean Viv’s not there to hold something. Hey throw a bum a dime.I’m broke. X

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