All Our Yesterdays

All Our Yesterdays

David Jacobs the legendary disc jockey  who played records for three generations died this week  aged 87 . Unlike several of his famous  fellow stars  there seems to be  no darker side. The old chap George who I see each week remembers him.

In  August 1945 George and his unit having been away for three years and fought all the way up Italy and  then been active in rounding up prisoners of war and restabilising order were on the way home. George  did not see his daughter until she was three years old.

On the  ship bringing them back from France George got out his accordion. “We were having a right old sing song, someone had smuggled on some wine, we were going home, we had won the war, we were having a good time”. “Bless ‘em all;There’ll be Blue Skies Over; Hitler he only had one;Roll Out the Barrel.”

Joining this party from the Royal Artillery was naval officer David Jacobs. “He was a good  sort, nice voice, like us he had missed his family and was glad to be going home. Unlike us he had a  job, with the BBC. We didn’t think anything of it. We were all lads on our way home.”

Fast forward thirty years and George is the maintenance manager at Wandsworth Town Hall. Its grand rooms were often used for up market wedding receptions. At one David Jacobs attended. George went up,said,”Do you remember me” Jacobs looked confused and shook his head. George reminded him. The party ended and George and his wife went up to their flat.

George liked his lie in on Sunday. But at 8.30 there was a sharp ring on the bell. He went down to tell whoever it was,the  Town Hall was shut. But a uniformed courier asked,”Are you George Rough”, yes he said  rubbing his eyes. “Then this is for you”, a bouquet, a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates. The note read” To the accordion player who made coming home all the better. Thanks. David J.”

George,91 caught a virus last week and could hardly speak. He is better now.

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3 Responses to All Our Yesterdays

  1. jonh says:

    He finally got out of the studio for his own Journey into Space……..

  2. trevor says:

    He did a corporate gig for me once.Just a lovely bloke. I would have been shattered if he had turned out to be a Saville.

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