They Also Serve


The noble profession of community support officer. Starting salary £18K  .Police support -they are there to help with the 1001 minor problems that happen on the streets. They are there to act as hyper active good citizens. On the web site it states

“As a police community support officer (PCSO) you would work alongside the police, patrolling the local area, dealing with minor incidents and offences. You would provide assistance to the police and a visible presence in the area to reassure the public.”

So it was the other day on my way to meet pals in the Alma, I was crossing the road at the south end of Putney Bridge. (Travelling in an Easterly direction) On the opposite pedestrian island a  community support officer. In his fluorescent yellow jacket  with matching bicycle. Handsome and proud he stood.

Next to him lay  a  heavy plastic  bollard which some motorist had obviously knocked over. The illuminating light shining in the pavement. Easy to put back, useful as an illuminated bollard, potentially dangerous if left.

He didn’t. When I crossed I asked this “reassuring visible presence” why he  had not replaced the bollard. He replied as a certain kind of irresponsible citizen might. “I didn’t knock it over”. I then said  as I picked it up “Well I think you should be setting an example and do the good citizen thing”. As I placed the bollard back into position he replied, “We can’t touch these things, there  is all kinds of electricity involved, it’s a job for a skilled workman.”

I have been called many things, skilled workman is a first. Today a neighbour came round, her car had been broken in to and her child’s school bag stolen. I know someone who won’t be sweeping up the glass. Job for a skilled workman.

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5 Responses to They Also Serve

  1. Mark says:

    fascinating stuff Hugh and so pleased to hear that you are getting out and about a little but surely more important news from Brisbane……….?

  2. di says:

    Such a nanny lot…..At least here NO one on earth would pick up and or repair…just leave it, walk over it, it will hence disappear.

  3. Duncan Willetts says:

    Not Di Duncan idiot

  4. charlotte good says:

    the other side of this coin is the local police force here in Pim … reaching out to us as residents in a v user friendly way to ask for our help in reporting suspicious comings and goings to build a picture so they can really act. V encouraging.
    When you have finished bollard erecting, can you pop over with your drill ….

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