Mandela-another view

Alternative view of Mandela. What would have happened if Mandela hadn’t taken a conciliatory approach. The  war between whites and blacks would have continued  with increasing ferocity.

With outside help the  blacks would have eventually won and an exodus of the whites would have taken place. Mandela had seen what happened in neighbouring Mozambique when the Portuguese lost their colonial war.We know what happened in Uganda when the Asians who ran everything left, the country despite its wealth   fell off a cliff economically. We know from Zimbabwe what happens when the  white  property and managerial class are persecuted ,they leave and the economy gets in such a bad way it has to give up its own currency.

Without a deal  between the ANC and the Afrikaners ,South Africa instead of being a relatively well run, affluent  country  would have been another  barely functioning,outright kleptocracy where  the president and his cronies  backed up by the security forces paid by China do well and the rest appeal to the United Nations and or  Bono.. So they did a deal  that more (ANC certified) blacks would enjoy the wealth  and whites would have to compete but there would be no revolution.

Mandela was for ten years conspicuously silent over the rampant  corruption in the ANC, the manipulation of the new regime by a few blacks for their own ends,his  wife’s involvement  in murder  , the idea that HIV  could be cured by mumbo jumbo,the poverty of most of the black population and the  violence meted out by the  new black  elite on its people.

Sure he was a saint so was Ghandi. They were both prepared to die for their cause as  have millions of others  and both showed wisdom in victory..Both kicked open rotten or even open doors but both would  be hard put to stand on the bar of history and claim they helped the majority of their peoples. But  they did help their cronies in the Congress and ANC parties become rich. Sure, and thats third world  politics. The ANC didn’t want freedom they wanted their share.

When Mandela became President in 1994 some South African relatives of Vivien’s came over to the UK. They had with them a 20 year old son.  With all the talk of positive discrimination he was very down about his chances of a career in the new South Africa and was very keen to find out about a life in the UK. Things  didn’t turn out too bad and he never left  the new South Africa..

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One Response to Mandela-another view

  1. Apartheid ended through the man’s determination and bravery not to be beaten;, factional strife has not been so easy to overcome. The future looks far from certain once the eulogies and services of remembrance and thanksgiving are at an end. Living up to so many people’s expectations is the biggest burden to bear. Simply hearing that Cameron, Blair and Major were to be there at the Remembrance Service brought that home to me and sadly, in my opinion, Mandela was no different. He served for one term and he realized, perhaps, that the task was beyond even him in the time allowed.

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