The Toffee

What a day for a walk on the Downs. Clear, fresh and a Monday so very few people. To the South  the view of the coast  and sea from Brighton to Chichester. To the North the long  view of the Weald, Southern England at its most green and tranquil. The sun never stopped making  dramatic ,Biblical  spots on the sea and the sunset over Arundel castle was  Turner at his very best. 13 miles. Around half way lunch at the Chanctonbury Rings was very heaven.

Of course with Vivien’s interest in  health generally, my heart and prostate problems had given her some licence.  She had been saying I was drinking too much for some time and now the doctors were telling her that any  more than two glasses a day was high wire behaviour. Whiskey had been the devils chosen  poison for some time. Now it was the food, cheese and meat bad for the heart and  most things feed that pesky cancer. And as for the liquorice toffees I brought home from the market(she likes them as well) they had been sent by Beazlebub himself.

Vivien insisted on making my packed lunch. You make too  much mess. As with most things I shrugged my shoulders and let her  get on with it. I knew it was  ham because I had bought it  especially despite its possible evil consequences. There was carrot-good for me, tomato-ditto, cress-the same. I had even packed an apple. But as I munched my way through all this goodness I noticed a little black silver paper. Vivien had packed a liquorice toffee. A small thing but so pregnant with significance that I smiled and it wasn’t just the warmth of the toffee that made me feel good about life.

When I got home.I said you made me very happy today. She replied”The toffee was it?”. I nodded. We both smiled, we had to touch.. Sometimes the pleasures of marriage can be as simple as they are profound.

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  1. Eric ormsby says:

    One of your best, Amigo. The note of connubial tenderness comes through very nicely. In keeping with your new dietary requirements we’re making you a tofu turkey for Christmas.


    So very touching, Hugh. A tear in the eye.

  3. itwonthurt says:

    Having made my adieus,eaten my toffees I now march on Moscow.

  4. Anthony Browell says:

    Very touching tale, and I’m with you about the tranquil and sublime views and feelings you can experience from just being surrounded by the beauty and the breeze. Having been brought up in Sussex, at Seaford, near Newhaven, I have a favourite meadow overlooking The Seven Sisters which I so enjoy just sitting and watching at. To experience all this with your companion is a marvellous thing, a mirror for you both Thankyou, Anthony.

    From: itwonthurt Reply-To: itwonthurt Date: Thursday, 12 December 2013 6:43 PM To: Anthony Browell Subject: [New post] 4845 itwonthurt posted: “The ToffeeWhat a day for a walk on the Downs. Clear, fresh and a Monday so very few people. To the South the view of the coast and sea from Brighton to Chichester. To the North the long view of the Weald, Southern England at its most green and tranquil”

    • itwonthurt says:

      I have six favourite walks-Eastbourne-Seaford. Upper Beeding-Amberley. Amberley and back via Sutton. Arundel to Amberley via Burpham. Hassocks -Lewes. Liss-Selbourne and back.  All can be done  easily by train and I do at leas one a month. Repetition means no mapo reading needed and as you say the Downs with their views AND the sea have a special charm. Hilaire Belloc was a great fam of the Downs and he talks somewhere of “the skylark as my frimned and tner wind as my companion.” The walk the other day as is usual was done alone  and I have to say Seaford is not one of my favourite towns!

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