Big Girls Dont Cry


The Girls, They Walk

 You are a member of the jury. The two Italians, the Grillo Girls( chou bella) who  are accused of ripping off Saatchis credit card for £600K have obviously done something. But like the rest of the world that’s not what is interesting. What is interesting is to be in the front row of  a Hello! magazine feature.

 How Charlie spits, how Nigella claws back. The wealth ,the flowers, the expenses, the hopeless parenting, the shambles. Who cares about the petty cash, they have so much money  for years they don’t even notice.

Of course Charlie is a control freak , you don’t dominate two highly competitive worlds, advertising and art dealing unless you have the right stuff. And that does not involve putting the family first. Especially when the family are coke sniffing and  weed puffing. For Gods sakes the kids need £80 a day pocket money to go to school. This is not an advert for  the extended family and modern  marriage.

 As for the blessed Nigella , she admits to taking cocaine seven times. Oh come on. When I was stopped out of my mind and asked by the plod had I been drinking I replied “I may have had a glass at lunch time”. She has hit the snow at speed  many more than seven times.

So the Grillo  Girls, look suitably dowdy and dull, these are NOT a couple of Italian molls out on the town. These are deliberately made  and dressed down -forget all those  expensive outfits they bought- to look like convent girls on a rare half term break. Ok maybe they spent a bit too much here and there. Who wouldn’t. who hasn’t, when given such an opportunity.

No,the jury will let the girls go because in the end  they had been allowed into a sweet shop and one of the owners didn’t care and the other was stoned out of her mind. Not to mention a pack of step bros and sises partying for Santa.

 Of course there is still a crime but remember there has to be no doubt in the jury’s mind. And juries(I’ve been on one) nearly always sympathise  with the underdog. They  walk and sell the story to the Sundays.


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2 Responses to Big Girls Dont Cry

  1. And who pays for the defence?

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