Faith and Hope


During the midnight mass the pew in front was inhabited by a very devout family. One guessed a father and his two grown up children. Every time the congregation  knelt, they knelt longer and lower. Every time a response was  asked for, theirs was the clearest and most pronounced. They were  at the service  with a mission. The mother was missing, she was ill, very ill back at the house in one of the smarter parts of Carpentras.

They went up to mass, they received the body and blood. The priest had a special word for them. As did the sidesman as he went round  with his collection basket. This was a well known family in distress and the community was rallying.

After the  good folk of the town had received the sacrament the priest asked if there was anyone who wanted to take  the  now sacred bread to someone who couldn’t be there. The father went up and put the morsel in his pocket.

After the service there was crush at the door as the priests shook everyone’s hand and  wished them a joyeux noel. In the crush the man was  pushed gently against the  wall and in so doing the bread in his pocket disintegrated.

As soon as he arrived home his wife asked , did you bring me the  sacrament, it may help me. I am in such pain. Her tumour had been declared malignant and the doctors had felt it best she spent her last days  in the comfort of her home.

The man realised the crumbs in his pockets would not do. He went into the kitchen and cut a slice  of bagette. The wife and  mother devoured the crust and cried Thankyou Jesus.

The doctors said it was from that moment on that her recovery began. The church are investigating the possibility of a miracle. The husband never told her the  whole story and when she told the priest of the seeming effect of the sacrament. He lifted his eyes and said,” When we pray he listens. When we take  the mass we are at one with God.” There are six bakeries in Carpentras but only one cathedral.

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