United by Design

Scotland 0 England 20

Once again the larger nation  proved its superiority. And  why not? There are after all more rugby referees (30,000?) in England than there are rugby players in Scotland.

But the mystery of Saturdays result was why the England score was not more. After all they were totally superior in very phase and they camped on Scotland’s try line for long periods. Not only that dead eye Farrell who usually never misses could  barely hit the goal line let alone between the posts.

Well here is the reason. The referendum. WE want our dear little Scotties to stay with us. With their short bread, bag pipes  and Royal Mile they are ,as much part of the fabric as moaning Welshmen, massed choirs and disused coal pits.

Cameron sent the word to the English players. You have to win to show the Scots that there is a big brother and he is there to look after you. If you lose then the Scots will  get feelings above themselves  go independent start another Darien (RBS?)Scheme and not only wreck themselves but damage us all.

So they must lose.

But not  by too big a score. If it was 40 or 50 then the Scots would get even more resentful, their feeling of worthlessness would translate from the residual visceral hate of their richer smugger larger neighbour,to something far more demonstrable. So a win which allows Scotland some honour is what Cameron ordered. Hence the score. The fact that Scotland even failed to convert two easy kicks just underlines the problem they might have on independence.

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