At the setting of the sun

One of the many differences between the French and British heads of state is even more obvious. That is a French head of state always leave some lasting legacy. (Oh the grandeur)The Pompidou Centre  comes quickly to mind. Where is the Macmillan, Wilson, Thatcher, Blair equivalent.? For Jacques Chirac it was  the Musee du Quair Branly.

This  wonderful museum of cultural artefacts from the four continents is in its field,and certainly in  its design, more than a match for  the British Museum. And is one of our favourite  Paris destinations-made even better this time by Eurostar giving us a 2 for 1 deal.

Of course much of the religious emphasis ,before mono theism, was involved with ancestor worship. Now there was a time when I felt sorry for these poor primitives, all this  ancestor mumbo jumbo  when it was staring them in face that Jesus and his miracles,the Virgin and her birth and the Resurrection were so obviously true.

As we stumble through life we lose such certainties. More and more I realise  that  ,now we have ditched God as  some unnecessary  baggage who gets in the way with the practical problems of channel selection, we  too practice ancestor worship.

We may not have a little shrine,  we may not make  sacrifices or have special days of worship. But we do spend a few minutes most weeks discussing with warmth and affection our departed parents. Surely that is some kind of worship. We are  giving them respect, we are keeping their memory alive.

Maybe we will   graduate to smearing ourselves with paint, puting on grass  skirts, bellowing into gourds as we talk of Joan and her obsession with social housing and Mike and his golf trophies. Maybe we will bend towards the eastern star in a dedicated part of the house  as we talk of Kay’s fondness of  dogs and Hans’ chequered life. Maybe . No, we are Protestants, our ancestor worship can do without idols, rituals and symbols. We  know what we are doing. But of course painting up and wearing a grass skirt(see Braveheart) always has its attractions.

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  1. What you mean. We do it all the time here. It’s cooler.

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