Sex Change Blues

Mums and Jesus

I have as most of you know a prostate /postate/prostrate problem. This has meant I have been for the last few months taking  female hormones. The results have been that  I sleep worse and Vivien sleeps better. Now I had hoped that interests in knicker elastic, cleavage and  bum shape would decline, so far it hasn’t but that may well be because I am playing from memory. I thought I might become a  little more responsive to the obvious charms of spaniels and young children but maybe that’s for later.

Nevertheless I have started reading Alice Munro stories and I now realise that its not only men that are fucked up  and  miserable. To paraphrase a Alice Munro story, a  slightly awkward but  intelligent woman finds her parents stupid and her life  pretty odd. So she gets involved with a most unlikely guy and guess what, it doesn’t really work out. Nevertheless she has children and that too isn’t  totally satisfactory. That is we are born alone and we die alone. Well, la di da..With revelations like these its no wonder Ms Munro scooped this year’s Nobel Prize.

Anyway the feminisation process has a multi media aspect and yesterday I wrote a blog taking the piss(I hope ) out of the so called Tiger Mum. Sure as feminism I get two Mums for Glory web sites signing up to my blog. Both tell me that my blog  was “awesome”. I am already losing the desire to breath.

Addicted to Quippy is dedicated to recording “the clever things that kids say all the time”. On the web today “My heart was about to pound but it didn’t “ and “He’s  my favourite teacher I n the whole wide school”.  I am not ready for this, I still do not have a bra size.

But equally determined to be my cyber best friend is All About  Manners. Here I can find out the top 10 nursery rhymes to read to  our children. I tried them out on Vivien,she snored. This is not going well. Maybe I am not taking the right dosage.

To cap it all I went to see the  movie  Invisible Woman which  seems to me about a star, in this case Dickens taking advantage of a nearly underage woman.  This is of course desperately topical and seen from a woman’s perspective the stuff of purple tragedy. Needless to say I slept through  some of the  movie.

But thats not all, also finding my blog “awesome” is the proto Christian web site Humanity 777.This is for those who  accept “ a Ministry that will tell  those that know, that their god is talking to them”., Obviously  these saintly ones have read my blogs carefully and I am their man. Recently they put up a picture of the riots in Kiev and  captioned it “It is me to avenge, I will repay, says the Lord”. Exactly,leave me out vicar. As the man said, without death I dont think I could carry on.

Talking of which in the last 24 hours three more web sites Miss Fanny P,Girls are Pretty and Don Charisma have all signed up to my blog. Where is this leading?



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One Response to Sex Change Blues

  1. Its when u start playing rounders you know the hormones have clicked in

    However the Yanks have been playing it for years.And they seem fine

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