Who’s That Girl?

Who’s that Girl?


Cycling along the tow path from Hammersmith  I very often pass a  woman sitting on a bench smoking. She sits outside the prestigious Harrods development no doubt protecting her home from the fumes and the  possible effects of passive  smoking. So she sits and sometimes as dedicated smokers do, as she smokes ,she coughs.

She is about 40, full head of hair,slightly dark complexion, quite smart, I wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t an Israeli  psychiatrist. There is an intensity,a know it all ,seen it all feeling about the dame.

Now I have one or two friends who live on the Harrods  estate and they told me some of the back story. She is  in fact Persian(Iranian). She  has been living in Britain for thirty years, her family were serious merchants  under previous regimes but have largely left and are based in London, Paris and California.

She had an unfortunate marriage  with an Iranian doctor which didn’t last long, but long enough for her to have a daughter. The daughter was bright and  motivated. St Pauls was followed by Cambridge.  She had the regulation 2.4 boy friends one of whom became a lawyer another a journalist. She worked at a merchant bank for two years before coming out as a lesbian and deciding to travel with her new partner who happened to be  black.

The mother-daughter relationship suffered something  of a near breakdown during this transition. But needs must and although they are no longer close they are not totally estranged. Hardly surprisingly the mother is being treated for depression.

So now the smoker on the bench is alone.  She has a smart flat, a handsome allowance, she travels twice a year to see her sister in Paris and her nephews and nieces in California. She rarely hears from her daughter and  when she does its usually for money. She is by no means  happy. Why else would she sit  anxiously puffing, coughing and  staring  at the often grey Thames.

Actually I haven’t a clue, except for her physical presence  this is all made up. Maybe she  just fancied a smoke?

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6 Responses to Who’s That Girl?

  1. Make your story-telling a career, a second one? Just a short story published as an E book. With your contacts, in that way of things, you’d succeed.

  2. Eric Ormsby says:

    Amigo, I agree with Johan. This is a perfect little short story–a genre you should consider returning to. What a vivid portrait of loneliness!

  3. itwonthurt says:

    Didnt you think it was a bit corny,whatever, as always I enjoyed writing it.

  4. Gawain Towler says:

    A little corny, and exactly the right amount of corniness for readers of the TLS

  5. Robert Pemberton says:

    Who’s that girl by Stranger On A Bike – That works. Maybe Stranger On A Bike should ask That Girl what she is really doing there and put us all out our misery – If you don’t I’m tempted.

  6. itwonthurt says:

    Excuse me, do you have a light? I’m sorry I don’t speak English. Does that mean a relationship is out the question. No far from it. I prefer the silence of love to the babble. Well before we go in my friends what to know who you are and what you do. Oh you are a one. Just shut up big boy and get up those stairs. Can I padlock my bike to these railings?etc

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