Yes, Its War

No More Jaw Jaw


Time to get tough with the Ruskies. They are a hard people ,they only  respect the whip  and the boot. So the British government is about to announce a long and strong list of extra sanctions. Cameron says,” This ten point list shows  we  mean business and we are not pussy footing around  . We are going where it hurts and hurts hard. Of course when you make omelettes, eggs have to be broken”

  1. All Russian children at Eton will no longer be allowed to visit the tuck shop at weekends and will receive an extra half an hour of homework
  2. Russians will not be allowed to drive around in  stretch mobiles
  3. Russians will not be allowed to wear watches.
  4. Russian women will not be allowed to dye their hair or wear make up
  5. Russian  women will have to wear burkas and flat shoes.
  6. Russian security guards will not be allowed to wear sun glasses
  7. Russians will not be allowed to wear white socks
  8. Russians will not be allowed within one mile of Bond Street or Knightsbridge
  9. Parking restrictions in Eaton Square and Kensington  will be stepped up.
  10. All Russian owners of football clubs must sit in the cheap seats and go to away games in the Midlands.

 David Cameron says, “From now on  its no more Mr Nice Guy.We will squeeze until the pips squeak. They have  sowed the wind  now they must reap the whirlwind.” Putin replies “Make my day,punk” Count me in. 

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One Response to Yes, Its War

  1. Air Chief Marshall Arthur Harris, I think , also used the phrase- ‘sow the wind/reap the whirlwind’ when it came to bombing Germany in WWII- but it was to mangle the words of Hosea (Old Testament). He could say them because we had an RAF.
    All we can do now is laugh with wry humour at what passes for Government policy on Defence. Paddy Ashdown dismisses Lord Dannat’s assertion that in the light of what is happening we should perhaps keep a brigade in Germany after all. Defence policy is just p…g in the wind, all of it, as we have no Royal Navy worth speaking of (the aircraft carriers are scrapped, have no aircraft) and surface ships are few and far between and most based on the south coast. The Army is to lose 20,000 in the next few years and the Reserves or volunteers for it aren’t coming forward (think back to the Kitchener poster – ‘Your country needs You!)
    The Russians probe and see what our responses are – delayed and of little or no consequence.
    At least the economy’s on the mend (we’re told) and we will soon give the EU another billion because of our achievements and we have a few billion to spend on foreign aid and the rest.
    The last thing our leaders want to do is to be seen believing in a credible defence posture. .
    Worried? No – what’s the use? The vote makes no difference and HMG won’t reverse policy and ‘re-militarise’…
    Totally disillusioned with the political class? Yes
    Know who to vote for? No
    But hey! .
    We’re in it together with our EU and NATO partners even if the former got us into this mess in the first place by totally misunderstanding the Russian psyche and thinking it could expand its reach and expect no reaction.
    Teaching history all but disappeared with Mr T. Blair.
    Like it or not, Putin has political (not physical) stature. His people are behind him.
    Can we say that about our dismal crop of politcos in office, people without a day of real work experience behind them?
    ‘Sow the wind..reap the whirlwind…,’ – it also applies to our vote and for whom we cast it.

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