A day at a time

 The Day in A Life


The other day our dear cousins from Suffolk stayed. They were in London for the birth of their first grandchild. It was not an easy birth, two weeks late,48 hours  labour, a caesarean  and Max –all 8lbs plus appeared at around midnight.

We met up for breakfast. I went and did my morning exercises and  had a little jog. We walked along the river and watched Cambridge do some practice starts. They then left to lunch with their exhausted son and to visit young Max. I read the papers. My team Arsenal, were playing on lunch time TV so  I cycled to a pub to watch. By the time I got there they were 3-0 down so I didn’t stay. As penance for my team’s poor p[erformance I picked up a bit of litter on the tow path.

 I had some lunch-herrings and miso soup since you ask. Read the Spectator and had a snooze. I then prepared my first  pre university English language  lesson for my new Somali student and wrote a blog about Keats in Rome. Next door the young couple were celebrating the end of their renovations and a birthday with a party.

More reading and then Vivien returned from her board meeting in Bristol. We had supper and  read and snoozed until it was time  for the news on TV and a replay of the  days soccer. At around 11 we went to be bed.

Ok a pleasant but hardly an interesting day, although there had been some showers it had been mostly sunny with a slight nip in the breeze. A typical early spring day. The point is by the time I went to bed Max was not even one day old.

A day for me a life time for him.

AS the man said our years are short but our days are long.

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