She Was Born To

Some like it Marilyn

Two anecdotes about the world’s number one sweetheart and her baseball star  husband Joe DiMaggio.

Just before they married , Joe takes his fiancé back to Little Italy to meet his  mama. After a splendid pasta based feast Marilyn has to go to the “rest room”. Being insecure and not wanting to embarrass her future mother in law she turned all the taps to disguise her real purpose.

Later that evening Joe asks his mother “Whattayathink”. Mama replies “She is a very  pretty girl but she pees like a horse.”

Later on their honeymoon,Marilyn is called away to perform to the troops in bases in  Japan. She is met, greeted and cheered by tens of thousands of excited  soldiers. When she gets back to her husband she says “You’ve never seen anything like it.” DiMaggio replies “Yes I have”.

This last anecdote appears in James s Salter’s excellent autobiography Burning the Days and he claims that many others ,wise stable men  cry when they hear those three words. “Yes I have”. Think about it, its subtle.

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