Game of Thrones

Noblesse Oblige


Prince George,the first public engagement. The story can now be told. As his parents watched the buttocks of local Maoris doing their stuff in faraway New Zealand, Prince George,third in line for the throne of the golden orb sat in the azure sea conducted his first public engagement.

In a play pen with a dozen Kiwi children young George strutted his stuff. When one  started to show off about the size of his dad’s ranch young George pointed out that his pa owned several ranches. When another stated mouthing on about how good he was at school George kindly pointed out that school was for losers ,who needed jobs and he had no such need. When another had the  gall to start talking about how glamorous his Yummy mummy was  our George pointed out that his Mum was on every magazine cover and as for his gran…

And so it went on ,the tiresome children from the land of the long mists going on and on about how good their rugby and netball teams(not to be confused) while our George got out his tobacco pouch and rolled himself a big one. You cant smoke,this is a public place cried  one baby all black. No said the Prince,I’m sorry I can do what a  f***ing well like.

Soon it was time to go. One  child offered our prince a toy. He threw it to ground saying ,I wouldn’t let my corgies play  with this. Some of the  other children were now most upset and many were crying. Look said our George ,if you want to keep the royal family you are going to have to shape up a bit better. We don’t have to come here you know, you lot are so ,so feeble  we can rule you by text.

Next week-Prince George gets into heavy metal and saves Scotland from independence.



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