Brief Encounter

Brief Encounters

A lovely day, sun shining,Easter  coming  up, what better than to go to the seaside. So its  the 1012 to Brighton. I get a nice window seat in an empty four berth. Immediately I am joined by a yummy mummy and her two brats. Ok it happens.

She kicks off. Sorry but if we are too noisy yell us and we’ll move. Great opening line. And we’re off. We’ve got forty minutes to beat the clock.

They live in Cobham ,when I tell them that Leo played soccer for the Town the boy at any rate perks up. He is ten and his sister in eight. They go to Sir Walter Raleigh School. Now young Freddie thinks its Water not Walter. He also thinks he lived in 1955. But what he does know is that the  man who gave us tobacco’s head, after the execution, was kept in his wife’s hand bag. Horrible Histories  rule OK!

She is a chiropodist and has just started up on her own. Her previous practice went very commercial and she wants to keep a higher level of service  and so she is doing well. Her brother went to Cambridge and works for Fidelity but she isn’t sure whether he really enjoys his work. As for her, her child hood sweetheart who she met at eighteen(20 years ago) who runs a hedge fund has moved on ,married again and had a child by number two. She too has a new partner.

I’m very cool, Asking the questions . It turns out its her birthday. The refreshment trolley comes round-have anything-she settles on a Kit Kat. I tell her she is low maintenance. My, we are getting along. Did he run off with your best friend , I ask trying to get a bit deeper. No  not quite and anyway she lives in Australia. Anyway he was rich enough to look after you all .Yes, but only under duress.

Sometimes 40 minutes isn’t enough. Oh the girls supports Arsenal and the boy Liverpool. AS we arrive  at the seaside town the boy says please come to lunch with us. The  mum looks at me.

Recently have been watching a lot of Gary Cooper(The Westerner) and I know what to say. Sorry, we’ve said goodbye and that means its over. I peck her on the cheek,she moves towards me.Was that a tug on my sleeve. I didn’t look down and I didn’t look back.

Great day only beginning. The sun never stopped shining.

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3 Responses to Brief Encounter

  1. Dunks says:

    So…… What happened next? Fish and chips with family?

  2. itwonthurt says:

    Sunsets are for riding towards, dames are for leaving behind, G, Cooper.


    I read this on the bus and a huge tear slid down my face … I had the whole picture.

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