The Morning After

The Morning After


It could be worse. There are now so many Russians in London and call me a racist but Albanian, Polish, Ukrainian, Slovenian, Czech, Hungarian and Serbian all sound pretty similar to me. What this means is that if we were on the  borders of Holy Mother Russia  we could have the threat of an invasion.  And while our  navy is looking for the lost  yachtsmen we could have been at risk. But no ,Russia is a country far away ,so our only problem is UKIP.

 Get over it. Of course they are racists-aren’t we all. Of course they are worried about the rapid change millions of Europeans turning up have caused-aren’t we all. We can still remember that saint among   men ,Gordon Brown accused an ordinary Labour voter of being a racist because she dared ask a question about immigration levels. He had to grovel but it  did him no good.

 Cameron has had to row back smartly from his remarks about UKIP being a bunch of fruit cakes and worse. Which they are but they are different and  therefore popular. LibDems are now busted and Clegg’s coalition gamble and taking on UKIP head on, turns out to be  double or quits on a poor hand. The Greens have as Mr Bennett might say,  entertained us too long.

 Therefore if you want to protest  against the political class who have consciously and unconsciously been party to allowing the nation state be eroded by a dysfunctional, corrupt, overpaid smug Brussels where else can you vote.

Actually what really gets ,me is how brazen they are. 10000 officials  working for the EU earn more that £142k-Cameron’s wage. That is they have no shame, they think no one can touch them. And UKIP have been in Brussels for more than ten years and so far has made no difference. On  national opposition to the EU, the Brussels mandarins look down their noses and opine that this is mere populism,rabal rousing and sin of sins,  nationalism. That it is the will of the people ,,democracy, is something Brussels will never understand.

But it could be worse. At least we believe that you can protest though the ballot box-although  only 35% will bother. Elsewhere and in far too many countries if you want to protest you plant a bomb in the market place. It could be worse.

Me ? I was going to vote UKIP ,but didn’t, even  though they really are a joke, which is really their point, though not  as  good a joke as Screaming Lord Sutch. For a start they win seats. As Charlie Booker in the Guardian brilliantly said UKIP is like the mad eccentric(but lovable) next door neighbour who puts his head round the  door  and says in cheeky chappy style “Have you the one about the Rumanian who turned up for work”. Funny at first and then the joke wears thin. Tory of course

PS There  has been some  media interest in who wore what at the  polls. For the record I  went straight from my swim and wore surfing shorts, a tea shirt and leather cogs. Way to Go.

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4 Responses to The Morning After

  1. Bill Buck says:

    Wonderful, balanced stuff as ever old chum!
    Sadly, because of the Yellow shirts claiming asylum over the next few weeks no doubt and the fear of meeting David Moyes in your wine bar, I shall have to withdraw from the Beaujolais shindig!
    Seriously, apologies, can’t now come. Have a good catch up without me and we’ll try to catch up when I visit my son now living in Wandsworth, near the common (where we once played Rugby for someone together as ringers?).
    As ever,

  2. itwonthurt says:

    It was for the Old Wandsworthians-a highly rated grammar school which was literally destroyed by the Labour push( thank you Shirley) for comprehensives. It went that way and then had to close. Recently reopened as a Cof E secondary school..

  3. g2-6bc17dfa04dd586a4642a6846f5404dd says:

    And you want me to be polite at lunch… jeez

  4. itwonthurt says:

    Stop whingeing,think of the expenses you will have when elected!

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