The Are Word

British Social Attitudes has shown that between  2000 and 2013 that the percentage of UK people who think they have some level of racial prejudice has gone from 25% to 30%. The events following 9/11 and the four million immigrants in this period are the reasons given  for this shift away from liberalism. But at some point we all have to  ask ourselves  how racist  am I?

Am I racist because I am aware that across the world in Europe, Africa and Asia there is  a war between Muslim jihadists and the rest. A war which often results in pointless, violent and cruel deaths.

Am I racist because I know that  blacks are more likely to be involved in muggings and gun crime

Am I racist because I  feel that ghetto rap ins  homophobic and  aggressively sexist

Am I racist because I know that black churches are homophobic?

Am I racist b because I  am aware that female  genital  mutilation is a racial issue

Am I racist because I think that Asian attitudes to marriage-arranged, forces, honour killings etc are inimical to our society

Am I racists because I think blacks are better athletes, dancers and  singers

Am I racist because because I compare Polish and Somali attitudes to work

Am I racist because  I resent  Muslim attempts to establish sharia law in the UK

Am I racist because I know what colour my cousins children ,my favourite shop keeper, my students and my niece’s husband are.

That is  am I racist because I am not colour blind.

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2 Responses to The Are Word

  1. David of Bedchester says:

    Do you mean the “R” word?

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