The Lost Children of England

We had  hard childhoods. Rationing. Bread and dripping. Rag and bone men. Black phones.Our parents were wounded and traumatised by the War. Then they were cowed by the threat of nuclear extinction. Most of us  spent miserable years being chased around muddy fields by  cane wielding fiends screaming Whacko. No it wasn’t easy. But one thing pulled us through.

Childrens TV. Blue Peter.  Play time. The Test Card. The winds may howl,the  windows rattle, our drunken fathers and our pill popping mothers may collapse in neurotic heaps around us, but we had Childrens TV. Calm. Interesting, showing us that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, that normal life where decent folk  could play with dogs, cook ginger men and make models could exist. It got us through.

But now we find with  Rolf Harris, cuddly Uncle Rolf who  sung  to us and helped us learn to draw, among others that the whole thing was a front for some enormous paedophile scam. Half the pensioners in Britain have been assaulted by some one at the BBC. Lives instead of being inspired, ruined. And this is of course only the beginning. Soon we will find that container loads of  Cambodian children were  shipped into the pleasure the big  and small wigs at the BBC. NO wonder the BBC had to flee up north to hide in the mists and the coal dust.

Suddenly even the animals on Blue Peter seem suspect. Why did they  nuzzle up so close? Oh  no. Not bestiality as well. Wasn’t there a hedgehog, an elephant. How, Why?

 Of course now we realise that even the name Blue(as in porn) Peter(as in Paul and Mary a threesome) was  code for filth ,it makes  me ashamed we won the war.  And what about the immortal Armand and Michaela Dennis on their endless safaris.” Here is Armand playing  with a little African boy.” Oh come on we weren’t born yesterday, dig up their graves,  impale their corpses, get the Pope down there to say something. And talking of past crimes  have the cops checked  if any BBC executives were holidaying  at the same time as the Mccanns.  Think of the little girl in the test card,who was she, was she ever found?

It will not be  good enough for the presenters  to claim they were obeying orders. Lives have been ruined, a nation traduced and generation lost. The BBC we  now know stands for Buggery Betters Children. But this is no joke we need a decent enquiry. Something that will top the ten year £20m Bloody Sunday affair. An enquiry which will feed a few starving lawyers.The BBC must be raised to the ground Salford or no Salford, dragons teeth must be placed in the soil so nothing can ever be planted again. The stain on the nation must be wiped clean,  there is no place  for reconciliation,the slate must be wiped clean. We must start again.

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One Response to The Lost Children of England

  1. Stephen Levinson says:

    Way to go: let’s hear it for the starving lawyers.

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