British Values

All UKIP supporters  stand  and holler. The Muslims schools are getting theirs. Bloody right. The head honcho at the school inspectorate stated that these schools failed because the “active promotion of a narrow  set of values and beliefs is making  children vulnerable to segregation and emotional dislocation  from  wider society”

I blushed into my cornflakes. For I went to a school

Where we were not so much segregated from the other sex but not allowed anywhere near them.

Where we were implicitly and explicitly made  feel superior to the vast majority of the British/world population. Racism was  if not encouraged winked at.

Where we were rendered completely incapable of sympathising or understanding anyone who was not from our narrow class.

Where nearly all were confirmed in to the CofE and understood Catholics to be barmies or left footers, Jews to be Yids, Buddhism was for girls, Muslims a joke and Hindus so feeble that a couple of boys from our school could rule them for 300 years. 

Where our education made us petrified  of women and therefore liable to only the most hopeless of unequal relationships and disastrous parenthood.

Where despite/because of the above we were made to believe that were patently better and born to rule .

Nevertheless for most this education failed and  they went onto have normal lives, become family men and more  or less coexist with the human race. For others it has not been so easy. I will be visiting my wife in the cellar later this morning and  my children have promised to phone at Christmas/Diwali.

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2 Responses to British Values

  1. Oh dear; I’ve missed out on the stereotyping but won’t ask for my money back. In my day at the place we had many different types of educational establishments in the country, even ones where you could learn a trade if you were good at things that others (in those posh segregationist places you refer to) couldn’t do, or chose not to do. Now, we import those skills and the people who may once have done ‘tradesmen’s jobs, or skills jobs, are either from Eastern Europe or they’re Brits and command fat fees. We also had the Army, Royal Navy, and Royal Air Force. Those were the days and they didn’t make me feel superior; just lucky and grateful that I had parents willing to make a financial sacrifice.You had a a system then that still allowed mobility if you had educational ability. But, level it all off was the chosen way to go…but, it’s okay. We’re still British…or are we?

  2. Quite right too. All abroad is bloody and wogs begin at Calais ! Pip pip

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