Bin to Highbury?

Bin to Highbury,Osama?
Who is the odd one out? Fidel Castro, the Queen Mother, Osama bin Laden, Leo Thompson. It could be the Queen Mum because she was a woman but its Leo. He is the only one who is/was not an Arsenal fan. In true Oedipal fashion to wound his dad Leo supports Chelsea.
Now the fact that Osama was an Arsenal fan was news to me ,but not to many others. Apparently he used to watch them in the golden days of Ian Wright in the 92/93 season-before the move to the Emirates. Arsenal fans used to sing a song He’s hiding in Kabul, And he supports Arsenal. At one point a rather po faced Arsenal management put out a statement that “Mr Bin Laden would clearly not be welcome in the future.”
Now I come to think of it there was game . A rather dull 0-0 game when I had words with a dusky gentleman. A tall man with if I remember a personal hygiene problem who had yet to discover the Gillette secret.
Come on you Gunners get the ball up to Wrightey I cried. Behind me a deep voice rhythmically chanted,as he rocked back and forth “AS long as I am alive there will be no rest for the enemies of Islam. I will continue my mission against them”.
You what. Twat,at the time there was a lot of weed being smoked at games-this was before the smoking ban. So I ignored it.
Bloody foul ref ,open your eyes you blind git. And the man behind me is off again. “I have sworn to only live free, Even if I find the bitter taste of death, I don’t want to die humiliated or deceived” Give over matey ,its only a game, and its difficult to concentrate when you are chanting such twaddle.
The bearded one replied”We love death. The US loves life. That is the difference between us two.” Give over John, it’s a game of soccer not a prayer meeting,what are you on. Cant you just shut it till the game’s over.
The man in the night shirt just couldn’t stop “All people who worship Allah, not each other, are equal before him. We are entrusted to spread His message and to extend that call all the people” That’s it mugwump you are now seriously pissing me off, I’m going to call a steward. The bearded one smiled and spake”I’m fighting so I can die a martyr and go to heaven to meet God.”
OK saintly one ,ask Allah to do something for the Arsenal. He shut it ,looked up and smiled.
Sudenly,Wrightey has the ball, inside the centre half , outside the full back. A low diagonal shot and its 1 nil to the Arsenal. In those far off George Graham days that was always enough. In the excitement I forgot about the man bin the night gown, his strange smell and his odd line in dialogue.
Many biographies of the poets and politicians in the thirties talk of the day they were ten feet from Hitler and could have saved the world a lot of trouble. I had my moment.

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    Brill, H. I am yet to have my moment.

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