Yes Its Jaw Jaw

Ukraine Air Disaster-International Fury Grows.

The Prime  Ministers and Presidents of the countries most involved have made their anger and desire for action  well known.

Netherlands(189). We are in deep mourning. The International Court  in the Hague stands ready to try those accused and we expect proceedings to begin in the autumn of 2020.

Malaysia( 44) This has been an attack of defenceless Muslims and Allah demands and expects revenge. We are considering a jihad.

Australia( 27 ). We take a dim view of anyone killing Australians and are  reviewing all sporting relations with   Eastern Ukraine. We have already installed a No  Surfing order.

UK (9) This is absolutely unacceptable. I have  just appointed a new  hard line Foreign Secretary who will be looking into the matter without delay. Rest assured if there are lessons to be learnt we will learn them.

Germany(4)It is vital that Europe acts together on this. We have learnt the lessons of two world wars. This is a great test of our unity and resolve. We  will be in earnest discussion with our partners in Europe and around the world before we  decide on  action. The time for talk is nearly over.

Philippines (3) We have declared a day of mourning. This is a nightmare for all people around the world and we join hands and lower our heads together.

New Zealand(1) Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have lost a loved one.

USA(1) This has gone through and past established red lines. We are considering new double yellow lines and maybe a No Parking Zone for the whole of Russia.

Russia(0) What me? I was in the gym at the time and I have at least four body guards and the whole judiciary who will back up my story.

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3 Responses to Yes Its Jaw Jaw

  1. Cynic! Underlying themes sad but true. We abort over 200,000 a year (in UK), many as lifestyle choices, and nobody really seems to care. Soon, it will be assisted dying…

  2. itwonthurt says:

    Moving from an airliner being shot down to assisted dying-I thought I was the insensitive one!

  3. R Bishop says:

    Wow ! Stunningly unfunny scrawl from Tawdry Racist. You don’t even have the intelligence to realise that if you are going to make a “joke” about the killing of hundreds of people, you’d better make it so irresistably funny that the sense of offence most people will feel is put to one side for just long enough. What you have written is not even faintly amusing, and I would have thought you learned your lesson already. Know when it’s time to stop digging ! But no, I get the feeling you’re trying to rekindle that sordid little frisson I believe you got from your Tawdry Rascist post and its attendant publicity. I’d have thought that silence and a slide into oblivion would have been the preferred choice for someone with some sense of dignity who erred in judgement. Clearly though, that’s not an accurate description of you.

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