Fame At Last

The Good the Bad and The Ugly.

Lets describe me. Bald, self opinionated English man with bad teeth. Is that racist, is it inappropriate and offensive?  I don’t think so, it’s a point of view which has a validity.  I described in a recent blog  a group of Somali women as dressed “in their shapeless  cloaks and head gear, with their fat faces and buck teeth looking like proverbial herds women from Saharan oasis.” Wandsworth Council through their legal  eagles found these remarks racist,  inappropriate and offensive.

So much so that the Council having correctly sacked me from serving on school appeals panels for breaking  the confidence code leaked this story to the local press. The front page story on the local Wandsworth Guardian all week has been Somali Slur. Although the Council told me to take down my blog the local rag published it on their web site.

This of course has stirred things up. Although those commenting to the WG have been in favour of my remark,”PC brigade hate hearing the truth”, others have not.  The Somali on line web has picked up and printed the story    and everyday around a dozen or  so of the Somali diaspora  from all round the world pop in to have a look at my  blogs. Fame at last. But at a price.

Lets start with the very ugly. He sets up a hot mail address which refers to my mother’s interest in male genitals. I really wish she was alive she would laugh as much as me. Then comes the message. “Fuck you Hugh you racist scumbag, Wandsworth doesn’ t  need you neither does the rest of the world. Also your writing is dull and corny you prick.” I think you know which bit  of that immortal sentence hurt the most.

Another has referred to me as a” tawdry racist” and another a “racist little bastard…. what he needs now is a good beating to cut his fuck face down and break his little legs. I loved to do kick boxing on him until his blue and yellow”(sic).

But surprisingly  on the Somali web site a debate about the shapeless cloaks etc developed with many agreeing that many Somalis not least because they have not experienced city life are very badly dressed. Though some felt  dressing Western style was a sign of being “mentally broken” by the host country. Others pointed out that there should be more respect  for Somalis 7000 years of history which is  descended from the pharoahs.(If so what went wrong?)

However at least half the Somalis who responded thought my remarks were fair,fact and not at all racist. One or two actually despaired of their countrymen’s lack of a sense of humour. Though as we have seen there were others.

Another view on my description of the Somali code of dress went ”The pervert wishes to see the shape of our women’s bodies. There are countless women out there who advertise their body shape to the world,our God  fearing sisters keep disappointing the naked body worshippers.” You have to laugh,or if pc supress a smile.

On the issue of racism a friend of mine from Kenya wanted me to ask my Somali readers what they thought of Somali Bantus?

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4 Responses to Fame At Last

  1. Faithful reader in Canada says:

    As a result of your notoriety, you are definitely the black sheep of your family!

  2. R Bishop says:

    Fame At Last, for tawdry racist. Satisfied with so little.

  3. eric ormsby says:

    Just be glad there aren’t any Somali pub waitresses or you’d really be shafted!

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