Mystery Woman

If you loved the  documentary” Searching for the Sugarman” you’ll flip for “Finding Vivien Maier”. Both involve interested parties trying to track down a mystery singer and an even more mysterious  street photographer who not only have disappeared  off the radar but where never really on it. Great films, great stories.  Another thing both have in common is that although world class artists they neither, after a first attempt fails, want anything more to do with the business. Their art continues but their quest for  fame and the possible pain and rejection it might bring dies.

What also caught my eye  about Vivian Maier is that this reclusive nanny was a  compulsive hoarder of newspapers. Her rooms were just small paths through the piles .Eventually she became so emotionally attached to  these piles of unread newspapers that her benefactors were forced to throw her out. She ended up a  impoverished dumpster diver. Her prints today go for two grand a pop.

But compulsive hoarding. We had one at school “Dan” Daniels ,he taught Maths  and Physics-two  subjects at which the school was spectacularly bad. He also spoke  in a up and down way which was easily parodied, which of course, it was endlessly. Not only was his bed sit crammed with newspapers but the back of his push bike had  at least twenty red lamps. One of many bachelor odd balls who taught in the l960s.

A quick look at Wikipedia an I find something like 3 per cent of population suffer from this mental disorder which involves a “belief system  out of touch with reality”. The newspapers are never read but are important because the hoarder believes one day they will be. Also  with this disorder are those who hoard animals.

It seems that these people are damaged  usually as teenagers. Either sexually, physically or emotionally. The hoarding becomes most pronounced in later life when they run out of family(parents) who can control them. As with self harm  it is considered to be a way of diverting attention away from the real problem.

There is an overlap with Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder. 25% of those with OCPD  are hoarders.  Compulsive  hoarding is unknown in Somalia.

In the mean time go and see the film. Trailer link below

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One Response to Mystery Woman

  1. Billy Booth says:

    Do we own our possessions or do they own us Scribblemaster?
    Damaged teenager/ obsessive compulsive disorder a bit passed their sell by date mate!

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